Hosting & Web development

I’m a freelance coder, web-developer and general number-cruncher based in the UK.

I don’t aim to have many clients but the clients I have I try to look after properly. To me this is more than just building someone a site and letting them get on with it – I try to help them develop and grow it into a successful business and that often covers things like e-commerce, Adwords and marketing/social-media/seo strategy as well as building the actual site.

I run a few small servers and nowadays mostly work in wordpress, for which I’ve written a number of little plugins and addons to help expand functionality and also protect the sites I host.

Nowadays much of my work is done in the background (which is how I’ve come to like it) and yet other parts are confidential so you won’t see a any details here, but by now I’ve been doing this over a decade and have “ghost”-written code for government bodies, law enforcement as well as the odd blue-chip client here and there. Nowadays though I tend to focus mostly on my own projects and the few SME clients I keep.

If you’re interested in reasonably priced, managed wordpress hosting or other wordpress/IT-related problem-solving, then feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].

As you can probably tell from my blog I am also interested in information security (particularly wordpress security), privacy etc as well as how those things can be (and are) misused, and I also enjoy tinkering with Linux and solving problems with scripting – particularly using Raspberry Pis (which I love!) 🙂

Nothing to see here, move along.